Welcome to Fencepost Software

Welcome to the Fencepost Software website and blog. Here you’ll find a variety of information relating to software development, IT consulting, computer support and other items related to our business. There’s a bit of coverage of computer hardware, accessories and tools, particularly in areas that we’ve found ourselves educating customers on or that we use in supporting customers.

You’ll also find information on a range off-the-shelf and open source medical software and general-purpose software as well as some Software as a Service (SaaS). The main focus will be on software targeted to medical practices or used in medical practices, including discussions of electronic medical records, practice management and document and records storage & management.

We’re also happy to take questions, whether it be about medical software and practices, programming or even general computer support. Questions of general interest or particularly interesting questions may end up as posts.

You can read more about Fencepost Software on the About page.

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