is the new home for ESVA (Email Security Virtual Appliance) (2011-August)

Information and links about the ESVA anti-spam prebuilt VM. Its current home is now since the creator & original maintainer have become inactive. […]

List of USB Flash Drives with Hardware Write Protection

A listing of the few remaining USB Flash/Thumb drives with write protection switches, with manufacturer links. These drives are useful when using computers of unknown safety/security. […]

(Fix) postfix: Recipient address rejected: Domain not found

We had a problem last weekend with Postfix not accepting email for a single domain when it was coming from outside our network, while messages from hosts on the local network were accepted and routed with no problems. Messages from outside the network were rejected with a 450 (temporary) code and the error message “Recipient address rejected: Domain not found”. The cause did end up being a DNS problem (apparently the most common kind of issue with Postfix), but not one that I would have expected (a missing host entry for the top-level domain, so wouldn’t resolve even though did). Finding the source of the problem was complicated because of a set of several changes during a weekend maintenance window.

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