is the new home for ESVA (Email Security Virtual Appliance) (2011-August)

Update 2011-10-13:
ESVA is now at the ESVA Community – Email Security Virtual Appliance site. Registration for the previous site at expired and attempts to re-register it were unsuccessful, so that site is now serving ads. Please visit the ESVA Community Forums for information on how to upgrade your installation, etc.

The title of this post has been changed from “ESVA Website ( Down, Probably Permanently, 2010-March, Back 2010-July” to help people find the new community development site. All active links to the old site have been disabled to avoid directing traffic to the domain squatter.

Update 2011-08-07:

At this point it appears that Andy MacLachlan, the creator of ESVA, has moved on in his life and no longer has time to be involved with development and maintenance of ESVA or the website. Several of the more active forum members have set up the ESVA Community site at, including ESVA Forums. The future of the site is up in the air at this point but may clarify in the next couple of weeks (I’m attempting to register the domain to link to the ESVA Community site).

Update 2010-08-07: Several updates of note pulled from the comments.

  • The main site and Andy are back, see the last few comments for more info.
  • Downloads of are available, see the 2010-04-08 update at the end of this post.
  • Updates beyond are not currently available, but people are working on it.
  • Most discussion should probably be moving to the ESVA Interim Forums at
  • There is a semi-commercial fork of the project at ESVA.Libra.IT, there has been some controversy over it but the developers of that project are also involved in the discussions and further project work at the forums. It also has its own forum.

Update 2010-04-12: The problem is being worked on; read for details.

Just a note because I’ve been seeing searches hit my site looking for information on this.

The Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESVA) website is down, I do not have any information on why but it doesn’t appear to be a domain registration or DNS issue – it’s something on the hosting side. I’ve been unsuccessful in contacting the creator/maintainer of ESVA, but I wasn’t corresponding with him before so I don’t have a known-good email address – just two old ones that may not still be in use. He does travel for business and has disappeared from the ‘net in the past while doing so, so everything may be restored at any time if he’s simply out of contact.

If others who exchange email with him (other than at a email address) are in communication, let me know if there’s an update and I will update this post.

Worst case, I suspect that someone else could rebuild ESVA or an equivalent from either existing downloaded VMs or from lists of the assorted components verified from working systems – it’s just less convenient.

If someone is desperate for a copy of the release let me know and I may be able to arrange to get it to you, but you won’t currently be able to update it to or get significant support since the forums are also down. I’m not sure if that’s a major problem.

Update 2010-04-08:

I’ve attempted to contact Andy via his company email and SMS to his company phone, but haven’t heard back yet. He’s been traveling for business and is going to be continuing to do so based on what someone at his company said, but hopefully will receive messages and get a chance to get the domain and update files back up and running even if forums take longer.

Downloads are available for:

ESVA 2.0 Setup guide (via Google Documents, retrieved from the mirror at

ESVA (via Google Documents, downloaded early March by me)

ESVA in 3 parts from RapidShare (Thanks Quentin!) ESVA Part 1, ESVA Part 2, ESVA Part 3

The MD5sum of the original .ZIP file should be 81281D99A99E5516D2244C5C7E14B10A

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  1. Just found
    Quote from site ‘The following is a rough draft roadmap for the future of EDMA, formerly called ESVA’
    Does anyone know if this is an offshoot or the ‘official’ re-incarnation of ESVA?
    Is there an official website?

  2. I have no idea what’s going on with the community site – I sent a quick note there about the sourceforge project page going to the wrong place and updated this page, and a couple of days later the whole thing is down. I know there was some discussion going on of whether to change the name; the EMDA project may be related to that and someone got careless?

  3. Hello,

    i updated mysql and php, but after that forgot (shame on me) to set them to start with system. The following restart resulted in halted services.
    I did not (shame again) set up a monitoring service so i received a notification from a user and then fixed it.

    Next step is to set up a monitoring service pointed to so i’m notified automatically if something is wrong.
    The site is there to stay ;)


  4. ;) Hello Alan,

    i just set up a http monitor on site. By now its the free service and it checks http each 30 minutes. Three persons are now notified by email if something is wrong and then i’ll leave my contacts to them (cellular, sms, skype or whatever) so they can act if i should loose the notification.

    By now the server is mine and many sites run on that hardware, so i cant give admin pwds for management but i’m working on it

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