is the new home for ESVA (Email Security Virtual Appliance) (2011-August)

Update 2011-10-13:
ESVA is now at the ESVA Community – Email Security Virtual Appliance site. Registration for the previous site at expired and attempts to re-register it were unsuccessful, so that site is now serving ads. Please visit the ESVA Community Forums for information on how to upgrade your installation, etc.

The title of this post has been changed from “ESVA Website ( Down, Probably Permanently, 2010-March, Back 2010-July” to help people find the new community development site. All active links to the old site have been disabled to avoid directing traffic to the domain squatter.

Update 2011-08-07:

At this point it appears that Andy MacLachlan, the creator of ESVA, has moved on in his life and no longer has time to be involved with development and maintenance of ESVA or the website. Several of the more active forum members have set up the ESVA Community site at, including ESVA Forums. The future of the site is up in the air at this point but may clarify in the next couple of weeks (I’m attempting to register the domain to link to the ESVA Community site).

Update 2010-08-07: Several updates of note pulled from the comments.

  • The main site and Andy are back, see the last few comments for more info.
  • Downloads of are available, see the 2010-04-08 update at the end of this post.
  • Updates beyond are not currently available, but people are working on it.
  • Most discussion should probably be moving to the ESVA Interim Forums at
  • There is a semi-commercial fork of the project at ESVA.Libra.IT, there has been some controversy over it but the developers of that project are also involved in the discussions and further project work at the forums. It also has its own forum.

Update 2010-04-12: The problem is being worked on; read for details.

Just a note because I’ve been seeing searches hit my site looking for information on this.

The Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESVA) website is down, I do not have any information on why but it doesn’t appear to be a domain registration or DNS issue – it’s something on the hosting side. I’ve been unsuccessful in contacting the creator/maintainer of ESVA, but I wasn’t corresponding with him before so I don’t have a known-good email address – just two old ones that may not still be in use. He does travel for business and has disappeared from the ‘net in the past while doing so, so everything may be restored at any time if he’s simply out of contact.

If others who exchange email with him (other than at a email address) are in communication, let me know if there’s an update and I will update this post.

Worst case, I suspect that someone else could rebuild ESVA or an equivalent from either existing downloaded VMs or from lists of the assorted components verified from working systems – it’s just less convenient.

If someone is desperate for a copy of the release let me know and I may be able to arrange to get it to you, but you won’t currently be able to update it to or get significant support since the forums are also down. I’m not sure if that’s a major problem.

Update 2010-04-08:

I’ve attempted to contact Andy via his company email and SMS to his company phone, but haven’t heard back yet. He’s been traveling for business and is going to be continuing to do so based on what someone at his company said, but hopefully will receive messages and get a chance to get the domain and update files back up and running even if forums take longer.

Downloads are available for:

ESVA 2.0 Setup guide (via Google Documents, retrieved from the mirror at

ESVA (via Google Documents, downloaded early March by me)

ESVA in 3 parts from RapidShare (Thanks Quentin!) ESVA Part 1, ESVA Part 2, ESVA Part 3

The MD5sum of the original .ZIP file should be 81281D99A99E5516D2244C5C7E14B10A

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  • Finally someone else is searching for Andy.

    I’m posting this message to get a notification as soon as someone hear from him.

  • Lelle

    Well I’m also wants to know if it going to get back online.



  • Colin

    This is a real pain, I do hope that Andy (andrew maclachlan) picks up soon. I guess we shpuld learn from this that a single point of contact leaves us very vulnerable.

    I do have a copy of for new installation but had just strated a roll out of the most recent and have been stopped in my tracks.

    I wonder what borni is up to as he sits on the forum most of the time.

  • Colin

    As an after thought it is probably worth mentioning the moderators names in case someone with a contact address for Andy is seraching: erroneus HyTeK and prisoner881

  • Well, what I’ve looked into so far are email messages to two old accounts (Hotmail and, I believe), one of which bounced back. I haven’t bothered with email to @global-domination, because I figure either it wouldn’t get through or it’d be only one of many messages. I haven’t attempted to track him down through his employer, and I’m not sure how well it would work anyway.

    The domain registration is good until June; the DNS hosting is pointing to a server. I’ve opened a support ticket with to see if they’ll tell me why the domain is down. If it’s down for non-payment because Andy got a new credit card or something, I may see if I can pay it at least for a couple of months.

    Beyond that it gets into stranger areas of attempting to grab the domain if it’s not auto-renewing and possibly a return to the discussion a few years ago about setting up a team for future development, etc.

  • I checked with’s support team, and the hosting package did expire on March 10. Unfortunately, it’s hosted on legacy servers and they won’t reactivate it there – a new hosting package would need to be purchased on their current servers, and “We should be able to pull over any files or databases that remain on the superultra7 server.” I’m not sure if that means that the files are still there, but I suspect that they are at least for a little while longer.

    Unfortunately not being Andy I don’t have the information they’d need to have to move those files from an old account to a new one (email confirmation, passwords, credit card info, that kind of thing). I’m just as happy that they won’t just let someone take over a hosting account and have access to the files, but I think it puts us back to looking for Andy.

    If there are no new developments in the next few days I may see if I can reach him by phone through his employer.

  • Colin

    Thanks for your effors Alan. Much appreciated.

  • Michael King

    Just as an aside, in case anyone is interested. There was someone who had a sort of fork of ESVA going, his website is He was developing some sort of different front-end for it, and it looked pretty nice when I checked it out.
    The downsides are:
    1. His website is in Italian. There’s an English option, but everything says “Translation coming soon!”.
    2. He seems to want to charge a “commercial license” for business customers, but since there is no English information about it, I decided to wait and see if comes back some time soon.
    Some people might be able to use it, so I figured I’d mention it.

  • Ian

    I think the guy essentially had a new front-end, but all the same code behind it.

  • Ak

    I’m using esva 1.7 from gd, and desperately looking for its return back. I was planning to switch to ver 2, then the site just went down.

    • I can probably manage to get you a image, but the jump to was only via esva-update. I’m not sure if the scripts related to that update are still on one of the boxes I’m dealing with.

      The loss of the forums is also big – there’s a lot of accumulated information in there.

  • Ak

    Thank you very much Alan. I have 2057 already but i agree with you on the support forums and i am mostly concerned about installing and also the future of it also. But i will really appreciate the upgrade scripts if you can. Maybe someone out there has a mirror of forums?

  • Federico

    Just wanted to say (as i’m Italian, and i’ve read the ESVA Libra site) that them solution is just a modified version of Andy’s work and offers a better Gui and nice graphs. It’s free: they only charge for 2 services.
    The first one is “support” (remote install/initial configuration, phone support, etc) and the second one is a “hosted” ESVA, priced per user numbers.

    If you want to download their version, it’s free.

    BTW, hoping Andy’s on the way back :) He’s done a great job indeed.

    • Michael King

      >>It’s free: they only charge for 2 services.
      Here’s what it says on their site when you go to download it: Libra Esva v.2.0.3 – Requires Commercial License


    Yes I hope Andy comes back soon, ESVA is a great product. If Andy doesn’t come back in the next few weeks, our Company has agreed to sponsor, host and continue to develop ESVA free of charge. We don’t want to take any credit away from Andy, but would like to keep momentum going on this project!

  • Colin

    AK, As Alan says the initial update was via a script as follows:

    #This script will update your ESVA 2.x to the latest version

    cd /tmp
    rm -f esva2updater
    chmod 700 esva2updater
    logsave -a /tmp/esva2updater.log ./esva2updater

    echo “#####################################”
    echo “# Finished updating your system #”
    echo “# You are now running ESVA version #”
    cat /var/esva/currentversion
    echo “#####################################”

    Unfortunately, as can be seen from this script, access to is required. Maybe is someone has that it will work, but I wouldn’t count your chickens as I think other calls to will be made.

    Update: Edited by Alan to disable links to global-domination expired site

  • Hi all,

    I also stumbled across here from Google after discovering the global-domination site was down.

    Our small IT shop uses ESVA for our own self-hosted mail, which includes a hand-full of hosted domains for our clients. We also have a handful of ESVA installations on-site at our clients locations.

    Every 6 months or so I search for a better similar offering, and have yet to find anything. So I am very concerned to see go down.

    I am downloading the previously mentioned Libra Esva for my own interest, but hopefully the original ESVA development will continue.

    I have uploaded our copy of ESVA v2.0.5.7 to Rapidshare. Here are the links:

  • Michael King

    Just as a warning for people who would try Libra ESVA. Don’t(!!!!!) run the upgrade scripts he has to take it from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2… The second patch you have to run tries to download stuff from, and it doesn’t stop when it can’t find it.

  • I tried calling Andy a few minutes ago and he’s apparently traveling for business, but is expected back in the office on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll be able to talk with him then.

    This is not a guarantee that the site will be back up immediately – it’s going to depend on how busy he is, whether UK2 actually still has the files (hopefully) and if not whether there were offsite backups, and what’s going to be involved in getting things shifted to a new hosting account with them and then making them operational. Getting the boards back up and running might not be a trivial exercise if the server environment is very different, and if Andy’s busy he may not be able to tackle that immediately.

    In other words, all is not lost but don’t break out the Lappish Hag’s Love Potion just yet.

  • In addition to Quentin’s Rapidshare of ESVA, I’ve also made it available via a single-file download from Google Docs at ESVA Download from Google Docs

  • Another user on the lookout, to update my v2.0.5.8 system to v2.0.5.9 my main client for this is italian, and I could do with the forums so as I can not rememebr my admin password for esva web, though I have root access.

  • Quentin

    I’ve also now found this site that seems to be mirroring the old site’s home page, including some more links to the zip file and the hash for it as well. No forums, but it is hosting the setup guide.

    • Thanks for pointing that out – I’ve updated the original post with links to the PDF (a copy I uploaded to Google Docs), your ESVA downloads via RapidShare and the ESVA image I put up via Google Docs.

  • Paul

    Browsing about for different email gateway solutions and came across this. While I’m eager to take it for a spin, the fact that the author’s site is unavailable is cause for a concern. Is work and support for this product likely to continue?

    I hate browsing through google and finding a product description that “is exactly what I’m looking for” only to find that there has been very little activity since 2005 or similar.

    • I think it is worth repeating that ESVA is simply a pre-built configuration of several other open source software packages, like MailScanner, postfix, and ClamAV.

      These will of course continue to be developed and supported. In fact, I have the most success working with my ESVA system’s by seeking out the documentation for the appropriate related software packages. There seems to be very little unique to ESVA alone.

      • Michael King

        The unique thing about ESVA is the relative ease with which to get it up and running. Try installing the pieces separately some time. MailScanner alone is a nightmare to get working, if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

    • In terms of development and support, there’s not a huge amount of active development on ESVA itself – mostly integrating and testing when updates to the component pieces become available. There have been some changes since 2005, such as the shift from Fedora (in versions up to 1.7) to CentOS (version 2.0 and newer) to have better long-term support of the underlying operating system.

      The advantage of ESVA is having a convenient prebuilt appliance with MailScanner, etc. already integrated plus some configuration scripts to make some tasks simpler. There have been discussions in the past about having a core team rather than a single person, and in many ways that’s what happens – the same folks who would be that core team are active on the forums and support people there.

      This situation is something that would’ve possibly caused problems anyway since it wasn’t an issue with the site or forums but with the hosting service.

  • ZimboKraut

    Hi there,
    And another desperate ESVA user/admin
    I a malso willing to help sponsor ESVA, since I think ESVA is second to non. It may need a few touchups, but in total it is absolutely fabulous
    I have to admit, I have been spreading ESVA around like a worm, since it is so easy to implement and setup and after that virtually maintenance-free.
    As a freelance consultant I like using it specially for small customers.
    The large corporates often only want something commercial.
    I have also implemented a number of instances for a ministry, that I maintain the network infrastructure for.
    And of course for myself, I have three instances running (as mx-backups spread around the world).
    I am more than happy to place a mirror on my system here.
    it’s not fast, but at least it’s something available.
    will probably get myself a rootserver in the next two or three months.
    would be more than happy to help hosting it.
    when anyone hears, how things are going with andy, pls just make a follow-up comment, so I get notified.


    great to see, thatere are so many ESVA followers…

  • Just as an update, Andy knows about the problem and is working on it with (the hosting provider).

  • Paultse

    Really good to hear.

    Good work Alan.


  • Hi everyone,

    just to provide my help, i can offert Andy a dedicate server for his own purpose if he want. I use the ESVA for many customers and i NEED THEM. ;)

    So i’m ready to offer them this server with enought bandwith under a 100mbps dedicate line over the web. My servers are hosting in my own datacenter in Montreal, Canada under multiple GIGA line trought different ISP.

    If you could just spread the word to them ……

    (PS. sorry for my english, i’m a french spoken person …..)

  • Magnus

    If it is of any interest to Andy, I can provide free web hosting for ESVA.

  • Jeff Flogerzi

    I am glad to see Andy is getting things fixed. For those on the fence, trust me this program is great! Not only does it filter mail, it can act as a fail over for Exchange. Its very easy to setup, and with the help of many active forum members, any little issue you will be able to fix in no time.

  • My company will host the site as well. We use ESVA quite a bit for SOHO installations. Additionally, does anyone know how to enable multiple domains? I can’t remember and my usual guy for ESVA is out sick. -Brooks

  • Borni

    @Colin and others : I’ve found this blog today – so sorry for the late reply.

    I have been in touch with Andy and he told me that there has been an issue with his ISP. Unfortunately he told me befor easter that he will try to get the static parts of the website up and running again (but obviously due to his workload there is no progress at the moment).
    It would be sad if the project and the community breaks apart due to the server outage.
    I will try to get a forum running this weekend – not as a replacement of the global domination forum but as some kind of interim so that the community is able to discuss about issues and questions. I will post the URL here and it would be greatful if you guys coud distribute this to the other members of the community


    • If there’s anything we can do to help, just post it – this seems to be where people are congregating, which is why I put the page up in the first place so there’d be some sort of news spot.

      My expectation was that Andy would probably need to sign up for at least a 1-month or 3-month stint with the UK2 (the current hosting company) in order to get them to pull the files and especially the forum databases onto a new account where they’re retrievable if there’s no off-server backup (e.g. weekly emailing of a database dump to a GMail account). I suspect that all of the static files are also on Andy’s PC(s), but given his travels they may not be immediately accessible – I remember a couple of years ago when they were in a shipping container for some time.

  • Borni

    ok, the interim ESVA forum is running. It is empty but I hope this will change soon.

    URL :


  • ZimboKraut

    Hi Guys,
    I would also suggest some kind of a backup-plan, in the sense, that maybe one ore more volunteers from the community, do nightly rsyncs, and also setup mirrors, so that we can avoid issues like this in the future.
    I currently have 20MBps (hopefully next months 50MBps) downstream, with no traffic limit, so I would be more than happy to do that.
    IT would then be hosted on a 2TB RAID5 consisting of 4x750GB+Hotspare.
    Even though I do travel a lot too, since there are two different internet feeds there is always access to it.
    And as already mentioned, we should have more than one instance for this, as well as the mirrors, which should be distributed across the net too.
    I can seen many volunteers here, so I think, that this can be done.
    We have so far had (correct me if I am wrong) two hosting offers (including myself), and one offer for a dedicated server.
    surely we do something with this.
    Anyone willing to coordinate this?
    I would do it, but I also travel a lot, so we would need someone to be back up.
    Pls. don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying to take over, just try bring some direction into preventing future failures, that seem to leave a lot of people (admins) stranded.
    And of course help Andy (I don’t know him in person, but what the heck ;-) ) and take some load of his shoulders.
    After all, he has created a magnificent tool/product, which is used by many people. Lets share the responsibility a little and give Andy a hand in keeping this product as great as it is.

    Best regards


  • Borni

    hmmm, sounds like my daily business …. so I would offer myself to ccordinate this in case your suggestion falls on fertile ground.

  • AramiS_1970

    I found this thread only today, and i want to give my contibute to the community and Andy, and even clarify whats going on with Libra Esva as i noticed some comments above.
    Libra Esva started as an addon to Andy’s Esva, with the goal to give a better GUI with easy and immediate settings without the need of linux shell. Everething was syncronized with original and our upgrade scripts are intentionally linked to global-domination site to keep core esva files and new GUI funcionalities.
    All those enachements were posted and available for free download at global-dominations forums. Working on this we implmeneted many and many modifications with new functionalities that required to integrate with missing packages and configurations changes the original esva core, and keeping our biult syncronized with the orginal Esva was almost impossible. From here our decision to move on a commercial basis developement since version 2.0.3, wich includes several functionalities that original esva doesn’t.
    We get in contact with Andy in the past asking to integrate our web gui to esva or, but Andy (like most of us) has another job and doen’t have time to put forward this request. We do this as primary job, and we have to support our customers asking for better GUI integration and new functionalities, and we had timings as you can imagine. Here we started putting money in Libra Esva project, with a new programmer, commissioning spam tests to (many thousands dollars!) and so on.
    As i told this is our job so we had to charge our customers for the service we offer.

    This for infomation of everybody.

    We still have FREE copy of Libra Esva 2.0.1 for FREE download from our website http:/ I made a almost complete English translation of the website, and i tried to setup yesterday a forum (as globaldomination is down) taht is obviously empyt. I will be happy to answer all questions there and to give back all posts to original gd-forum as is back alive.
    Libra Esva 2.0.1 is basically GD Esva with modified GUI.
    I’m looking in backups and archive to check if i still have a copy of GD Esva or and in case i will publish it for free download to our website.

    Please feel free to ask evrething and i will be pleased to support anyone. I want to give back to the community all the help i received in the past.

    I have also a good relation with Borni (cheers!) and may be toghether we can support evreyone with techinal needs meanwhile GD forum will be back.

    I hope i made some clarification about Libra Esva and our licensing policy.

    Best Regards

    • Michael King

      Care to explain what the differences are in Libra ESVA 2.0.3, apart from the enhanced GUI?
      I saw LDAP support in 2.0.1 before I broke it with the upgrade script.
      Also curious, going forward from 2.0.3, you are not going to be dependent on at all?
      ESVA is the best front-end tool I’ve tried… If only it weren’t for the fact that Andy has another job that keeps him so busy.
      He’s gone so much of the time that you start to wonder if the project is abandoned sometimes…

  • AramiS_1970

    No problem!
    main features inlcuded:

    -web install wizard (no more esva-configure), see it in action in a short video here:

    – added custom spamassasin settings (from suggestions in pre-test done with
    – added ScamNailer
    – added mailwatch2rbl (it required new postfix with mysql support)
    – new web config gui for: mailscanner spam action, non spam and hi spam. Spare scoring reports..
    – new web gui for services (mailscanner postfix esva shutdown and reboot)
    – new web gui to add/remove domains
    – new web gui to change network settings (ip dns gw )
    – new web system upgrade
    – licensing (obviously)
    – many other minor features (as i.e. visualization if a message is already released or not from quarnatine, etc)

    Many other features will be implemented and released AFTER virubtn tests ends (scheduled end of April)


  • Andy


    Is there any news on the GD Website/Forum being back up

    Many thanks

  • nostradamus99

    I hope ESVA will do a “rise of the Phoenix” because it is dead in the water right now. I’ve loved ESVA for so many years but I think its time to say goodbye to my monowall / esva setup and give Astaro a try

  • This is actually quite an interesting situation, we have a number of users who want to continue to use ESVA and many offers to rehost ESVA but we stand to loose it.

    I have two more domains I was wanting to add to ESVA I got two issues (relay denied and messages loop back on the second) The are both issues which I think have been handled in the ESVA forum.

    I have tried to look at Astaro as previous poster suggested, but this takes me down a commercial paper trail, e.g. become a reseller pay money, I dont want to get involved with hierarchical reseller schemes.

    I have registered on the temp forum however this should be linked to a new ESVA web site to be of any use.

    I think we really need to know the intentions of the original domain holder.

    Is it the intention to reinstate the old site at UK2
    Is it the intention to reinstate the old site elsewhere
    If nither of above is true are their enough ESVA users who are willing to pull this together again?

    I would recommend that he pays for the hosting at the current place so that we can then look as a group to move it elsewhere, this would be easiest way. I for one would be willing to contribute something towards the costs of reinstating the existing site. I am sure the time spent moving it would be a hassle.

    I am sure UK2 are so cheap that it may not be a commercial reason why this site is down. Whatever it is a real pity to see this good tool disappear.

  • Federico

    Dear all, (specially andy, borni and the others that helped esva become what it is … a wonderful piece of software/service)

    Here we’ve read comments about ESVA dying and other (commercial) options and so on. I do think that ESVA is a real life-safer for admins, email users and services companies, and i can’t imagine why it has to die.
    I took a minute to read libra-esva price list,and yes it is nice but it’s expansive and i dont understand why i have to pay for it 100% when i can have 80% of the funcionality free with ESVA.
    I would rather then give 200 € to Andy to help him develop the original ESVA, no?. My ideal world is Open Source, and i pay only for support and custom development, and not for the software (or limited functionality) itself. (my 2$)
    I’m going to register myself into Borni temporary Forum, and invite everyone to do so. If Andy has not the time to keep developing entirely ESVA, can’t we find someone good with php/mailscanner/linux/etc to help him ?
    I can also imagine a way to support economically the job, for example with “bounties” (i want a specific funcionality and everyone who’s interested put 10, 50, 100 € to reach the quota). I dont like the idea that to get ESVA i’ve to pay the only (wise) company who decided to develop it.

    I hope Andy will come back, and hope to read again all the forum supportes/members, maybe with some additional ideas to keep ESVA better to develop and maintain, without letting everything on Andy’s shoulders.


  • Borni

    @Mintra : you are partly right, the temporary forum on my server is empty but it is NOT of any use! If it is of use or not depends also on YOUR input to the forum. I have informed Andy about my Intention to create a temporary forum to enable the ESVA Community to communicate and to ask and solve. So I f you would like to help us, add your input to the temporary forum.
    I received Andy’s blessings to do so and if the original ESVA site is back again, I will hand over the contents to Andy so he can load it into his forum. So nothing will be lost!

    @Federico : I can understand your point of view but I can also understand the libra people. They put a lot of money in creating some additional value and so they want to be paid for that. See the people who build MailScanner and MailWatch. They have their own company and they also sell added value (and not only service but also the software).
    I am an self-employed consultant and I also bill my customers for added value, but I also support the community. I am in touch with the libra peole (Aramis_1970) and we created some new features we also offered to Andy but due to being short in time there was no chance yet to add it to ESVA. I have built my own system before I found ESVA. My system is a little different to ESVA but not that much that it prevents me from supporting ESVA. So I would really like to support ESVA in the future. I am actually testing and writing some manuals for updates to my system and ESVA so I can publish them as they are usable. If you have a whish list of features, add them to the temporary forum and I am sure we will find a solution.

    @all : join the temporary forum and try to keep a living community for ESVA

  • Philip Lewis

    Hi there.
    So glad to see a chance of life for ESVA.

    I appreciate all the offers of support. One thing that I wonder, why the push for a web-only based forum? What do people think about google-groups?

    Google groups plus a filehosting (google groups only has 100mb) would work fine, and the backup/etc will be handled by folks that do it all the time with no input from us.

    I’ve always liked the email based forums. Folks are passively notified of new activity. Google groups allows for web based activity which should keep forum lovers happy, but it also allows those of us who like email based lovers like me to be happy.
    Any thoughts?


  • I remember when IBM was the enemy and Microsoft were a bunch of early developers

    Then Microsoft took on IBMs role

    I found myself saying that Google is the new Microsoft

    As long as Google wants to take on services which I provide to my clients (Email/calendar etc) then I dont want to play google

    Essentally Google should stick to Search, Microsoft should stick to OS.

  • Steve

    I for one am sorry to see the end of ESVA, as Andy had put a lot of good work into the scripts that made it so easy to deploy and maintain.

    Alternatives are:

    Build your own SPAM filter uing the applications which made ESVA such a good tool. The draw back to this is the time it takes to deploy and maintain/update. I have just spent 5 hours on the build and expect to spend 3 or 4 hours each month maintaining. However, I do have a system in place. The other option is to use which if i had known about this prior to building an alternative to ESVA, I probably wouldnt have bothered.

    ESVA is dead in the water!!

  • Borni

    hmmmm, according to the mailcleaner web page the last update was in January 2009.
    So where is the improvement?

    So why should we declare ESVA dead?
    Let’s maintain it ourselves!

    • Steve

      All good open source projects have a number of Administrators/Developers. ESVA was unfortunately solely dependent on Andy, which is why we are here discussing alternatives and methods on how we can get ESVA back up and running.

      What I haven’t seen as yet, is anyone stand up and take responsibility for the project and build a willing tribe of developers and administrators to continue Andy’s good work.

      I am willing to get an ESVA website up and running with all appropriate sections. However, this does require individuals to step up and assist with administration and development. I am happy to continue using Andy Mac’s name as the lead Adminsitrator and Developer in the event he reappears.

    • @Borni – in fact i’ve been experimenting with mailcleaner [for obvious reasons] for last few days. they have fresh beta published last month – you can read about it at the announcement forum.

      one more thing – esva [even] has outdated clamavd. outdated up to the point that it does not work [ more here. ]. so if you run esva on production do yourself a favor and run:

      yum update clamav.i386 clamd.i386 clamav-db.i386

  • Wiard

    Yes, Steve and Borni, fully agree. I can provide webspace and hosting for it.

    Let turn this in to a new project.

  • Steve

    The lack of response would suggest it is dead in the water. Good luck wityh finding an alternative Anti Spam system!

  • ZimboKraut

    I may be stating the obvious, but how about someone trying to contact Andy to get his permission and some sort of statement, so “we” can get the data off those servers.
    I think everybody here is keen to get the project going again.


  • Aramis_1970

    @Steve: It seems that you are more involved in declaring Esva dead istead of putting the same energy in helping it staying alive. A community needs 2 cents from everyone, even from you. Esva it’s the best antispam solution i ever seen so far, and that is the main reason we decided to use is as starting point for our commercial Libra Esva.
    For the same reason i’m working with Borni to keep the community project alive, obviuosly is not easy. So please give your contribute and if you liked esva give your 2 cents.
    Esva could be downloaded again (links posted above) and also Libra Esva 2.01 is FREE to download and use, and we have two forums open for discussion: Esva interim forum ( and Libra Esva Forum ( if you decide to go that way. We are working to publish a new repository and modified upgrade scripts so evrething will be fully funcional again.
    If you loved Esva do not declare it dead.

    • Steve

      au contraire Aramis. I am more than happy to contribute. However, it is difficult to contribute to something that doesn’t yet exist, which is why I offered (at my expense I might add) to set up the website and host the new ESVA site.
      It is though important to have commitment from like minded individuals before making these commitments. Although, there does appear to be plenty of people here, willing to host the site.

      I am an avid fan of ESVA and truly don’t underestimate the great work Andy has put into this project. What I would suggest though, is a little more communication on the progress being made, as without this it is difficult to contribute, or believe anything other than desperate about what is happening to such a great product.

      Please let me know how I can help!

  • Borni

    I already contacted Andy to get at least the files needed for the updates but no answer yet – so I will try some kind of reverse engineering with my existing ESVA 2060.

  • Zimbokraut

    I can understand your sentiments, but lets not get aggressive against eachother
    because at the current moment in time, he is not that far off. Even though there are a lot of interested people, because we don’t have any files the project at the moment is “Dead in the water”.
    That does not mean we declear it dead.

    I know we can get things going again, but getting aggro and responding with aggro will not get us anywhere.
    So lets just try to get the issues sorted, and the get the esva project up and running again.

  • SvenS

    Hi all,

    I can remember the time were the site was up but Andy really busy and there was no movement on ESVA itself. In the forum were some people thinking about take the development and maintenance in our own hands. The question is if Andy is willing to handover ESVA to the community. Some of us should than start the creation of a platform (forum, wiki whatever) to continue development. So what we need are some people with enough knowledge and time to spend for this project. The guys here have done some good work to give ESVA a chance to survive. So if someone is interested I’m able and willing to spend some time to ESVA and/or building a community site.


  • Philip Lewis

    Another option (and one that helps take it out of the single point of failure mode) might be hosting the project on sourceforge.

    and i agree… lets work on moving forward rather than proclaiming it dead.

    Borni: your “2060” ESVA, is that Do you have the original download, it seems we have a link to (which i’m going to DL, join, and google doc if i can.)

    • The entire is already available as a google doc download – I posted a link to it here and I believe I also updated the post.

      I’ll go through and update the post with better links to the temporary forum, etc. when I get a chance, should be this weekend.

  • Borni

    @Philip : no I have no Download but a I have updated

  • Colin

    Can I start by saying that I totally agree that what we need is to see things moving on with a team willing to develop and manage the project. Although very keen, I lack the knowledge to be able to technically support the platform and apps so I feel a bit awkward with this post but here is what I believe needs to be avaialable:

    1) In my opinion is stable as I have used it for several months on three or four installations with no issues. So a build at that version avaialable for download.

    2) Most of us are running at so need an update path to

    3) The temporary forum is very welcome but we need the wealth of information that was on the original forum.

    4) We need to move away from fencepost (which has been a life saver) to the temporary forum and need the old DNS records changing so that people can find it.

    Just my ideas.


  • Ron

    On the subject of updating from to, anyone know what are the differences between these versions?

  • ZimboKraut

    Ok, guys, I have started a little something…
    I have reserved (and if everybody is happy with it) and will register
    as everyone can imagine .com and .net have all long gone, so I thought, this is a good alternative.
    I have four days to register it, so I would be very grateful for some feedback.
    next thing…:
    In the next few days, I will setup a root server with a few virtual machines.
    I will dedicate a virtual machine to the project.
    Here are the specs for the root server, and I would like some input, if anyone thinks this is not enough:
    Intel i7-920 (quad-core, 2.6 – 2.9GHz)
    100MBps switched network connected to 93GBps Backbone
    5 TB inclusive, after that bandwith is either reduced to 10MBPs or € 6.90/TB. so we would never have a problem, that our trafic would suddenly run out.
    2 x 750GB HDD (Soft RAID 1 or independent)
    100 GB Backup space (does not count towards the 5TB)

    The reason why I would like to run it in a VM, is quite simply the fact, that it makes us more flexible and makes my life easier to secure.
    Apart from that I would also like to run two or three small machines for email (using esva surprise surprise), and another little webserver, which will be idle most of the time.
    for the ESVA project, I though of assigning the VM at least 4GB and a min. of 2 cores.
    We can add more cores if necessary, but sometimes a system can react a little violent, if you add run on three or four cores (CPUs) and then take away one or two.

    Any thoughts?
    would be good to get some feedback fairly soon.


  • ZimboKraut

    Oh, and before I forget, the domain is on me as well as the environment.
    only if we go over the 5TB/mth we might have to think of some form of donation system… (I do not want to make any profit out of this!!!!)


  • Aramis_1970

    We should syncronize our activities.. me and Borni are arranging the same as you proposed. :-D
    We are adjusting the upgrade scripts (80% done) and publishing in a new repository.
    Our idea was to keep alive Esva Interim forum and to publish the scripts under something like
    Borni is travelling and will be back home for the weekend.
    Let’s put toghether all our efforts in the same direction.
    The hosting is not a problem at all. What is important i to leave fencepost (great until now and thanks!!) and move all our discussion on esva interim forum, to re-start an unique reecipent of informations for evrebody, and obviously having back fully functional script to let everyone update their esva to latest
    We are also working on moving on to version with upgraded packages and ScamNailer included.
    That’s what we last discussed and what we are working on.
    I suggest Borni as a reference for those steps for his competence.


  • dgux

    Nice to see that at the end there is a solution to the problem :-)
    I would also give my help on this but for the time being I’m pretty involved on migrating my own infrastructure (which includes 2 x ESVA).

    My 2 cents:
    As soon as the new ESVA site is up we shold start discussing about mirrors.
    Beside the “private” mirrors, there still quite a lot of opensource mirrors available out there (sourceforge, lots of universities) so knocking at their doors is probably the easiest way to get redundant download sites.

    Any comment ?


  • Jeff Flogerzi

    I agree. I am using and love it. With the help of Borni I was able to setup esva ans customize it. While I lack the required skills to develop esva further, I would like to be apart of the community and contribute anyway I can.

  • Ak

    I think keeping and growing ESVA on sourceforge would be the best. It’s really good to see many volunteers but sourceforge has many advantages I guess.

  • Aramis_1970

    I will get in contact with Borni to discuss all your great suggestions.
    Again try to post comments to Esva Interim comments, not here.
    I small note related in some way to Esva Antispam that will encourage everybody to use this fantastic product:
    as you all know we develop Libra Esva, starting for GD Esva core, and we went commercial, with some enachements obvioulsy.
    Well one one the first money we spent was to let make some industry proven comparative tests on Libra Esva.
    They tech skills were very impressive, and even the antispam test very well done.
    Libra Esva competitors during the 3 weeks tests were people like Microsoft, MaAfee, Symantec, Mailmarshall and the most worldwide leaders.
    Well: Libra Esva Outperforms Competitors in Virus Bulletin Test with Highest Spam Catch rate!!!
    If you want to take a look at the tests results you can read here:

    May be is not completely GD Esva related but 90% sure!!

    • Steve

      Which product are you pitching here? Is it not enough that you have a forum in which to assist you with development of your commercial product?? Marketing commercial products here or on the new forum is not appropriate! The community has already given so much to Libra ESVA, more contribution and less marketing please.

  • AramiS_1970

    Steve i really do not understand your agressive reply.
    I was happy for a result we got and i shared this result to keep live emthusiam on Esva. Nothing more. Community will NEVER go commercial (it’s clear for evreyone i think), and i do not expect to receive any commercial feddback from the community even before this. My time and my support to the community esva has the resons of evrebody here, so please keep this conversation polite, i do not think i caused troubles to anyone with my post.
    All my comments and suggestions are for the esva community and even the Libra forum i mentioned is for the FREE version of Libra Esva that is still alive, downloadable and supported (just fixed upgrade scripts).

  • Federico

    Aramis, i understand your reply, but i also understand Steve. I share the feeling that you are more interested in marketing, even if i understand that also. If you want to support the community, along with pushing your commercial product/services, i suggest to go the way Smoothwall (and others) went long before.

    Support technically the community, and ESVA itself, giving back in the same mesure you took.
    So, did you wrote a good AD integration ? good, share it with the community: collaborate with Borni and the other heroes and integrate piece of code INSIDE GD ESVA.
    So that everyone can use it, think of it, appreciate it, and then, maybe, buy your added value services. Create a section in your site called GD ESVA (or whatever…) and then REDIRECT the user to the GD ESVA community (global-domination forum, interim forum .. again .. whatever).
    Enterprises, societies will buy anyway your product for you are a business man, and for your technical support.
    Create added value services, like the ones from Hylafax: remote installation, remote technical support, remote customization.
    You see, i’d pay 500 € one time for a remote damn good, worryfree installation. BUT paying each year for a license, no thanks. I would like to have the chance to choose what value added to pay for. Have an EXTREMELY good add-on? ok, pay xxx€ one time-one version for that. But the core, freely and easily available to everyone has to remain … free and currently updated.
    /end of suggestions/

    Clearly, i dont want to teach you how to carry on your business (anyway, good luck for it): i just want to say … more integration with the community, more give back. Let us SEE it.
    You took the chance offered by the hard and well done work from Andy (thank you dude) and the community: let’s demostrate, in a better way, what you are ready to give back.

    that’s all.
    I’m posting this also in the interim forum.

  • ZimboKraut


    Please, stay objective and don’t start a flame-war.
    We should be grateful for any help and assistance we can get!!!
    I also don’t see a problem him also working on a commercial product.
    If he is willing to help us, why not let him?
    If they also provide a free version of the libra ESVA, then so be it.
    I think we should work more towards getting a productive environment for the OS version, rather than quibble how much one is permitted to mention a “competing” project.
    we can all make use of the experience the Aramis_1970 has gained through creating the commercial version.
    He could also just let us mess about and be happy that the ESVA project is currently not available.
    So please lets not get ourselves into an arguement, that could potentially cause the demise or split of the entire project.
    So lets all stay calm, and lets try to get the environment going.
    I will go register the domains tomorrow, and we can get the baby running again.
    Best regards


  • AramiS_1970

    @Federico: my reply to esva interim forum

  • NiKKo

    How is it going with domain name?
    The name is not even registred yet!!!

    What is the status of Andy?

    What is the status of old site and access to files and databases?

    I can’t see any possibility to discuss this kind of things on Interim forum site! Features is not the place to discuss this, create a new top folder (ESVA future).


  • steve


    I have nothing against open source projects being developed into commercial products, and clearly by your response I didnt explain myself appropriately. My understanding of open source is as good as the next. I have read so ignorant I am not!

    I think its great Libra have taken advantage of ESVA to develop what appears to be a solid product and its clear they have taken advantage of the open community to develop new features. Lets face it, with community feedback and feature requests, there is no better place to develop your product roadmap.

    What i am interested in is getting this forum back up and running without profiteering and assisting the ESVA community where possible, an example of where this is not being achieved can be seen by viewing post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9#p20

    Again Aramis is more intent on moving individuals to the Libra forum and product, which in my opinion is underhand and short sighted considering where the ESVA open community has assisted with the development of the Libra product. Sucking the life blood from a struggling Open Source project is not the answer!Aramis clearly has a lot to give, but has yet to deliver.


  • Zimbokraut

    Hi folks.
    sorry for the delay.
    I have finaly managed to register the domain, and will setup a vm in the next few days.
    like most others, I have a job (thank goodness for thst) and time can be a luxury, especially when one travels a lot. I am once again on the go as I type this (from my phone), but am hopeful, that I will be able to do some work from my hotel tonight.
    can someone give me a hint, what I should install in terms of software?
    I was thinking of setting up an ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and hardening it.
    I don’t have a lot of experience in regards to forums software, so I’d be keen to find out what everyone thought.

    best regards


  • said


    my 2 cents :
    i have followed esva and found it good. and was disappointed when site down. still have a copy of 2.0.7

    the main problem of esva is that it’s a virtual machine
    if i want to install it in a computer or appliance, it’s not possible

    just an idea , why not use and join force for and develop it ? it’s the same as esva but can be installed in a physical computer

  • Borni

    let us discuss this on the interim forum….

  • I have updated the original post with links to the interim forum and a few other notes. I’m not going to close comments, but…

    Future discussion should move to the ESVA Interim Forums at to keep it in one place.

    Those forums also have a help section if you’re having problems.

    • Philip Lewis

      Alan, is there a way to set up a “post via email” for one of the boards as the interim forum? if so, you can “post” here from that address and have it inform you of followups by email. Then all posts made here will be automatically mirrored to the new site.

      just a thought.

  • Borni

    Thank you Alan

  • ESVA is now as Project on SourceForge !

    Simply visit
    The actual release is available for download from all SourceForge mirrors.

    More will follow soon, like the upgrade path to 2.0.6, OVF file format, …

  • Borni

    Alan, thanks a lot for giving a platform to the ESVA community so everybody could see it is worth to keep ESVA alive.
    After Andy seems to be “missing in action” some of us decided to start a new environment.
    We now have published ESVA on SourceForge and are working on a new forum that will host the ESVA-project.
    So actually you can download the ESVA appliance again from a trusted source and you have support for your ESVA. Work on the update function is in progress.
    So everybody is invited to visit us on SourceForge ( There you will also find the most recent link to the forum.

    Again : thanks a lot Alan

  • Jeff Flogerzi

    Hey Borni, the forums are down.

  • Borni

    Hi Jeff
    I had announced this outage in the forum.
    the Outage was caused by my hoster moving the server to a new data center
    system is up and running again

  • bruce

    yew! good to see i wasn’t the only one missing this, iv been also trying to track him down…

    hope hes okay and everything is alright, and i hope the project doesn’t go down the drain i love ESVA heeps, iv been using it for years.

    keep up the good work.

  • Hi guys – I’m Alive and well and hoping to have back up & running in the next day or so. Hosting is paid up for 2 years (Actually I’ve just spent close to $2000 with my hosting provider on various things), including backup. Now I’m just waiting for the content to be migrated and to be notified that we are back in business.
    Sorry for the radio silence, but I have reasons for that (no I wasn’t in prison, just in case you were wondering).
    Keep checking back on the site, but I’ll send an email blast out to registered members on the site anyway.
    There will also be some changes just in case I have to go back into stealth mode again for any reason – including multiple admins and independent hosting for the important stuff like the downloads (leave it on sourceforge I think) and collaborative documentation (like GoogleDocs or some kind of wiki – you decide). Basically, no more single point of failure – the project is too valuable for that :-)


  • SvenS

    Hi Andy,

    fantastic news and welcome back ;-). As you can see there is a active community for ESVA and hopefully this can give the project some new speed.

    Kind Regards

  • Eric Smith

    Outstanding! Glad to hear you’re back on the air, Andy!

  • Great news. You can count on me for a donation of 100$; it’s not much but if it can help I’m glad. I’ll proceed to it as soon as your site is back on track.

    David Aubry,

  • borni

    Hoooooray! Andy is back! I am so happy! Andy, if I can help you, just drop me a mail.

  • Colin

    I think we are all pleased that Andy is back. I also think we owe a vote of thanks to all those who stepped up to keep things running. All of these should have the opportunity to take a leading role in moving this project forwards, especially borni.

  • dgux

    Hey Andy, nice too see that you’re still alive and kicking !
    Welcome back into the “club of never-give-up” !

    About what happened: well, shit happens and will continue to happen…
    As long as some learning effect is bound to all the errors / mistakes / unluck there is nothing to worry about :-)

    Too bad you weren’t in prison.
    I just imagine the headlines: “Anti-spam developer kidnapped and imprisoned by the spam-mafia…”
    This would have given a great publicity to the project :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi guys – Sorry to disappoint with lack of prison time, but what can I say?
    As the saying goes – what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, well that applies to this project.
    Anyway – there will be changes to the way the project is run, including better collaboration on things like the update mechanism and a more distributed structure to the project (and more admins!).
    Anyway – trying to get the site running now – service is provisioned, just updating DNS records and getting the data moved into the right places…
    God willing (and some help from the hosting provider!!!) the forum and update system will be live later today.

  • Steve

    Great to have you back Andy! Please let me know how I can assist, even if it is just a financial contribution to help with hosting costs.


  • Thanks Steve,
    I’m almost there with getting it up running – the site is alive and DNS records have been changed (No more holding page! Yay!) – now I just need the content moved in and DB brought back to life and the forum will be back!

  • http://www.Global-Domination(disabled).org is back online, including the forum.

    Update: disabled expired global-domination domain link

  • dgux

    The project page on sourceforge (ESVA-Project) redirects now to http://www.Global-Domination(disabled).org

    Update: disabled link to expired global-domination site

  • FYI – My SF account is andydotmac@users. sourceforge. net

  • Taff_e

    Anyone had contact with Andy? Is the ESVA project still going. The forum is full of spam postings?

    Any Ideas



  • Alan

    I’ve tried a couple times but no response yet. Tried again just a few minutes ago, we’ll see.

  • Rhys


    Just posting so that I can be updated on future developments


  • Hello, i hope someone is still browsing this site.

    Some time ago i tried to contact some global-domination forum members: i then got in touch with Borni
    to try to figure out how to solve the ESVA forum spam problem.
    Since nobody had access to the old forum, we decided to start a new community to unite the ESVA user base
    in order to have again a support site.

    Please consider the time we had to put in this project was/is very tiny, and i really suck with web design :)

    Anyway, the new site is at : PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD !!
    There you’ll find some initial page, like the community manifesto and a new forum with required registration

    I hope to find you there soon.

  • Mark

    Hello Everybody,

    seems like the global-domination site is down again.
    I also checked the new forum mentioned above but that does not seem to be working as well due to an error in the db connection.

    So is it like it seems: ESVA is dead again and now maybe forever?


    • I got hold of Andy again and he was going to see what he could do, but I get the strong feeling that he’s pretty much moved on in his life so if ESVA is going to survive and be updated in the future it’s going to need a new primary maintainer. There’s a sourceforge project for it now, but I’m not sure that anyone other than some folks with commercial derivatives are actually doing anything significant with it.

  • Borni

    Please check for the new ESVA Forum.
    After the old one was not usable any more due to spam and later was not online any more some people decided to create a new community

  • Post revised with links to the new site. I’m also attempting to re-register the domain when its expiration finishes.

  • Stuart – host not found disabled).org/ – host not found – connection timeout – host not found
    http://esva-project(disabled) – points to disabled).org

    Will ESVA ever be back? Anyone got any good news?

    [global-domination links disabled by Alan – I’m hoping to prevent that site from getting clicks so the squatters/advertisers might just let it expire]