Fencepost Software is Alan Miller, an IT consultant providing decision support, IT support and custom software and website development for small to midsize medical practices in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He works with multiple practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) systems as well as email, groupware, messaging, networking and office applications.

IT support services are provided in cooperation with Micronet-ICASP, a firm serving small businesses, primarily medical practices. Alan has been working with Micronet-ICASP and its clients since 2003, and has worked with the key members of the company since the mid-1990s.

Prior to Fencepost Software & Consulting and Micronet-ICASP, Alan was with Standard Register, where he was a primary developer of the Patient LinkUp Enterprise output management system for hospitals and created software to extend the LinkUp Enterprise product line’s HL7 receiving and processing capabilities.