Disclosure & Policies

In the interests of full disclosure: I have not received compensation or free/evaluation products for anything on this site except as noted below.

While I have both limited advertising and an Amazon Affiliates store on this site, neither has as yet generated enough revenue to even reach the minimum required for a payout as of the time of this writing. The amount of advertising is limited and I intend for it to remain that way; the Amazon store is present as a convenience for my customers and so that I can get experience and experiment with the store interface to use with website development customers. I may also post links for which I might get a referral credit, but I expect that to be only for services that I myself am using and therefore consider of possible value to others.

I do have other affiliate/referral links on the site as well, but those are generally only for products that I use. I will never have an affiliate or referral credit link to a product just because I’m being paid; such links are added only after-the-fact for products that I’m using and find worthwhile and worth recommending.

If you have any questions, please send them to me using the Contact link above.

Items/Compensation Received:

  • Willow Designs (defunct since 2004) sent me a backpack to review as a followup to my review of a backpack that I purchased from them. Both were good packs with excellent protection, though somewhat boxy by current standards. I wish they’d been able to sustain their business making bags and backpacks in North America, but less-expensive overseas competition drove them under.




  1. Comments must be approved, at least for first-time posters. I may make corrections to items such as spelling, but will indicate if I have done so.
  2. “Substanceless” comments will generally not be approved.
  3. Email addresses on suspicious comments may be changed to prevent auto-approval of comments from that person in the future.
  4. My foreign language skills are weak enough that I’m not going to try to translate non-English comments to confirm that they’re legitimate, I just won’t approve them.

Substantive comments are encouraged on posts, but I reserve the right to moderate them. Moderation may mean blocking/deleting them, editing lightly for clarity/spelling/punctuation, removing offensive material or other changes as I see fit. If I change the content of a comment, I will make a note to that effect within the comment itself (e.g. “This comment was edited by Alan to correct spelling.“). I will not edit to change the intent of a comment. This does not mean that only comments that I agree with will be posted, just that I may not approve offensive, inappropriate or irrelevant comments.

Comments with no real substance (e.g. “Nice post!”) will generally not be approved, see my post Compliment Comments and Spam for the reasoning. Minor comments of that sort that indicate that you’ve actually read the post and found it useful, on the other hand, are highly appreciated.

I may make changes to the email address submitted with comments; this address is not visible to readers but may be used to allow automatic approval of comments by regular posters – by changing the address stored with the comment I retain the ability to allow such automatic approval in the future.

In general only comments in English will be posted. If there’s an article that you feel should be translated in the comments please feel free to contact me about it, otherwise non-English comments will be deleted as spam since my German and Russian are far too rusty for me to have confidence in my translating skills.

Product Reviews

If you ask me to review a product, I’ll consider it but generally only if it’s relevant to myself or my customers. If I’m doing a review it may focus more on how a product can or will be used, with discussion of features as they are relevant to that use. I won’t be regurgitating someone’s marketing fluff about all the features the product has, and if a product stinks I’ll either say so or follow the “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” philosophy.